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I'm a software developer at Apple.

I co-host Low Earth Orbit, a podcast about movies,
video games, and more.

Email me at justin@bleedingwolf.com,
or follow me on Twitter and on App.net.

January 2016

01/18 Stevens Creek Reservoir video

May 2014

05/09 Multiple Yeti Microphones

December 2013

12/10 Low Earth Orbit

January 2013

01/22 Twenty Twelve

February 2012

02/13 Skip Tunes for Mac

December 2011

12/31 2011 by the Numbers

12/12 Discover Django Servers with Bonjour

November 2011

11/07 Smoothing Data with Low-Pass Filters

September 2011

09/23 Custom UIFont Gotchas

09/06 Simple Desktops for Mac

09/02 Creating and Consuming Data Sources in UIKit

09/01 Talking About Fabric at CoMoRichWeb

August 2011

08/26 Intro to Delegation - Core Location and Address Book UI

08/19 Cocoa's Target-Action Pattern