2011 by the Numbers

Visits to justinvoss.com: 915

Tweets by @justinvoss: approx. 600

Visits to justinvoss.com from Reddit: 374

Money made on the iOS App Store: $207.87

Albums on vinyl acquired: 9

Books read in The Dark Tower series: 7

Video games completed: 6

  • Uncharted 1-3
  • Portal 2
  • Half-Life 2 and HL2: Episode 1

Google Reader subscribers for justinvoss.com (including me): 5

Apps released: 4

Transmissions repaired: 1 (details)

Marriages: 1 :)


Justin Voss

Software Engineer

I spend my days creating software at Apple, and I occassionally write or make videos that I share here.

You can follow me on Twitter, or email me at justin@justinvoss.com.

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